Our Curriculum

Individualized Learning for Children of All Ages in Highland IN

Individualized Learning for Children of All Ages in Highland, IN

At Kids First Academy, Inc., the wellbeing of the children is our first priority. That applies to our education system. Each child is different and has unique needs. Therefore, our curriculum and classrooms are constantly changing to meet the needs and interests of the children enrolled.

We provide an environment where children can engage in hands-on learning. They will have access to toys, books, musical instruments, games and more so they can learn on their own and with their peers.

Infant, Toddler & Two-Year Old Program

Each day when you pick up your child, we will provide you with an evaluation so you know what your child did while here, their mood and what they ate.

For All Children

The parents of children of all ages will receive a monthly newsletter so you can stay updated on everything that goes on in your child’s classroom. Each classroom also has a weekly plan that is state-approved, so when you come to visit you can see what your child is learning.